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Welcome to my new look website! I do hope you like it.

The new website comes at the same time as a new book A Month of Sundays, a story about women, books and reading – my three favourite subjects! Scroll down to have a look at the cover.

Last year was exceptionally busy, and one of the best things about 2018 so far has been time to catch up on reading and writing, and getting back into a more gentle routine that includes sensible eating and more exercise – both of which I tend to ignore when I’m super busy.

Many thanks to everyone who has written to me in recent months – I try to keep up with the emails but sometimes I do slip behind. It’s always wonderful to hear from you and I do read them all. I really appreciate your encouragement, support and helpful comments, and I feel honoured to hear your stories – some very amusing, others often quite heartbreaking.

If this is your first visit to the website thanks for dropping by – I hope it won’t be your last, and that you might take time to find out more about my books, read my blogs and perhaps sign up to receive future blogs by email. You can do this by clicking the button on the left.

Month of Sundays coverAVAILABLE SOON

I am so pleased to show you the cover of my new book A Month of Sundays, which will be available soon. To celebrate, we have a lovely morning tea event coming up at the Parmelia Hilton Perth. You can find out more about that event here.