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It’s Spring at last, and how welcome it is after an exceptionally cold and miserable winter here in Western Australia.

I’ve been using the short winter days and long evenings to work on the next novel and I’m confident now that it will be ready for release in the middle of next year. And recently I wrote a couple of blogs about ageing and how difficult it has been to get back to life and work again after a couple of falls earlier this year. Many thanks to everyone who wrote to me about this, I really appreciate your encouragement and helpful comments. I’ll be blogging more about this and a range of other topics in the coming months. You can read this by clicking on the blog link at the top of this page.

The Woman Next Door, which was released last July, has proved very popular and I thank all my readers for the enthusiastic and continuing interest in and support for my books. I really appreciate your loyalty and your feedback, and try to get back to everyone who e-mails me as soon as possible, but often not as quickly as I should.

I took a couple of risks with The Woman Next Door, by looking more closely at one of the darker sides of ageing – dementia. Some years ago my father developed Alzheimer’s disease and my mother another form of dementia. Since their deaths I have reflected on how inadequately I dealt with their sickness and my role as the sole carer. So I had wanted to write about this for some time, but to do so without it being deeply distressing. This seems to have been useful for many readers who have written to me and I am truly grateful for your messages, and feedback.

The next novel will be about women and reading – specifically about a rather unusual book club – always assuming it goes the way I anticipate!

If this is your first visit to the website thanks for dropping by – I hope it won’t be your last, and that you might take time to find out more about my books, visit the blog page and perhaps sign up to receive future blogs by email. You can do this by clicking the button on the foot of any page on this site

The Woman Next Door book cover


We had a couple of excellent events to celebrate launch of the The Women Next Door launch last year – you can see some photos on my blog.

And I am very pleased to say that the book continues to receive some really positive reviews and has been featured by several online blogs and newspapers. You can read all about those on the Reviews and Features page.



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