Liz Byrski profile picWelcome to my website

So here we are at the start of another year and I send you my warmest wishes for good health and happiness in 2017. Thank you for visiting the website.

My new year’s resolution is to blog on a regular basis, mainly about books, writers and writing and maybe some other things too. So if you haven’t yet visited the blog page now’s the time to do it. You can also sign up to receive the blogs by email if you wish – just look for the button on the foot of any page on this site.

Meanwhile I am working on a new novel, one which will be a little different from the previous books, always assuming that it works out as I am planning! The Canadian writer Margaret Attwood once commented that ‘writing a novel is like driving at night without headlights’. That’s exactly how it is for me – and I’d add to that – the road is full of bends and pot-holes which often throw me off track!

If this is your first visit to the website I hope you’ll take time to look around and follow the blog. And, if you are intrigued by the unusual image of books above, you may like to know that it’s an original piece of public art that featured in the Sculptures by the Sea 2016 exhibition at Cottesloe beach here in WA. Entitled Book Cave it’s the work of local artist Juliet Lea. The intrepid Pippa Worthington crawled inside to take this stunning photograph.

The Woman Next Door book cover


I’m delighted to show you the the beautiful cover for my latest book which is available in book stores.

We had a couple of excellent events to celebrate its launch last year – you can see some photos on my blog.

And I am very pleased to say that the book continues to receive some really positive reviews and has been featured by several online blogs and newspapers. You can read all about those on the Reviews and Features page.




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