I feel as though I am coming back to life now.  I was so sorry to have to withdraw from the Get Reading! tour, but I hope you took the opportunity to look at and buy some of the books that were included in this year’s Get Reading! program and enjoy the free book of short stories that was included.

This weekend my friend Jan and I drove down to the beautiful south west of WA to meet BevAinsworth who is the brains and the energy behind Cape Lavender.  The action of my next novel is set on a lavender farm and I wanted to find out more about the business of farming lavender and particularly about the process of producing lavender products.  It was fascinating to hear the story of how Bev started the lavender farm and built it into the business it is today, with the farm and production located between Margaret River and Busselton, and another retail outlet and restaurant in the Swan Valley.

Bev gave us lavender tea and lavender scones in the little cafe in the production area, and talked me through the process of making her moisturisers, body lotion, hand cream, healing balm, hair care products, air freshners and more.  It’s a remarkable business and I’m  so grateful for the chance to get the inside story on lavender.  If I don’t get things right in the book now it will be no fault but my own.  do have a look at Bev’s website at www.capelavender.com.au  and pay her a visit if you’re in the area or in the Swan Valley.    Here is Bev with some of her lavender products.

And here she is with Jan.  After this photo was taken Jan and I managed to mess up the display by scooping up some of the range of skin care products.