I’m very excited that my new e-book Getting On: Some Thoughts on Women and Ageing was launched on Friday.  I jumped at this opportunity to venture into the world of digital only publishing, as while I am totally committed to the joy of print books it’s obvious that e-books are also an important part of the present and the future of reading.

 Writing Getting On has given me the chance to explore in non-fiction some of the ideas behind my novels:  the invisibility of older women, the futility of a “fight against ageing” and the choice to view it as an opportunity for change, the importance of friends and family, the challenge of learning something new about oneself and others, and the painful but ultimately enriching nature of dealing with grief and regret.

You can find out more about this e-book, read an excerpt and see where to download it by clicking on its cover in alongside this post.  I hope you’ll find time to read it and let me know what you think about it.