Just as I started working on an essay about women’s friendship and how precious it is a very smart young woman sent me this photograph of an ad in Marie Claire magazine.  So now we have a ‘war against other women’? I was shocked that a magazine like Marie Claire –  which always claims a commitment to caring about and supporting women should actually accept this sort of advertising.  I know we are often each others’ harshest critics but we are a more often a lifeline for our friends and wider groups of women.  We may have our differences but this is sickening. For me the friendship of women is one of the most precious and enriching elements of my life.  So too are the more fleeting connections that I make with other women in person, online, at home and overseas.  So I’ll be writing to Marie Claire to complain about their accepting advertising like this, and I’ll also, obviously, writing to the manufacturers to express my disgust at this manipulative and disturbing ad for, what I’m told, is actually a very good product.