It was great to meet so many interesting people on the tour in the last couple of weeks.  Many thanks to everyone who turned up at the events and stayed to chat.  Those meetings and conversations really inspire to get back here to keep working on the next book.  Writing is a very solitary job and so keeping in touch and getting your feedback is a real gift.

The sad part for me was that while I was away my gorgeous little poodle, Jack, disappeared from his holiday home with my family.  Despite every effort being made to find him and even though he was wearing his collar with identity tag, registration tag, and is micro-chipped there is still no sign of him.  Perhaps someone thought him as adorable as I do and has decided to keep him.  If so I hope they give him a loving home, but I’m missing him terribly.

When I got him three months ago I had really forgotten what a joy and a comfort a dog can be and Jack was a terrific little character with so many quirky habits.  Coming home to his ecstatic welcome even if I had only been out for an hour was such a delight.  Maybe there is still hope of getting him back, but instinct tells me I am not going to see him again.  Perhaps I’ll just have to put him in a book in order to preserve the happy memories.