Last week 2GB Radio shock jock Alan Jones, in an address to a roomful of Young Liberals,  suggested that the Prime Minister’s father had ‘died of shame’ because of his daughter’s political lies.  It was just another venomous and disgraceful attack in a long history of his abuse and insults about women generally and Julia Gillard in particular.  He has in the past called for her to be put in a chaff bag and thrown out to sea.  And he has referred to her as ‘brain dead’, ‘a lying cow’, ‘a lying bitch’ and said that it’s time to bring back the guillotine.

His comments about her father’s death have caused such outrage that Jones now wants to apologise and the PM is refusing to accept his apology – and so she should.  The apology is meaningless – an insult in itself – because is prefaced by a comment that he didn’t know there were journalists in the room.  He’s apologising for being caught, and clearly thinks it would have been fine to disseminate this venomous misogyny among a group of young people whose understanding of conservatism he wants to shape.

Women, according to Jones, are ‘destroying the joint’, and speaking recently about Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney, and former Victorian Police Chief, Christine Nixon, he commented that there was ‘no chaff bag big enough’.  At the Young Liberals’ Dinner where he made his ‘died of shame’ remark, the main item in the auction was jacket made of chaff bags signed by Jones.

Women everywhere, whatever their politics, are diminished by this.  Can you imagine any public figure stopping so low as to attack Howard, Hawke, Keating or Fraser on the basis of their sex?

What can we do?  Don’t collude in this by keeping silent. Lodge your complaint on the 2GB website.  Speak out  –  word of mouth is the most powerful force.  If you want to read more, read Dr Anne Summers’s devastating expose of the appalling range of sexist abuse Julia Gillard has suffered in the course of just doing her job, and which has not previously been revealed. The link is below.

And visit Destroy the Joint on Facebook and read how six major 2GB advertisers have withdrawn their support from the station that allows Jones the freedom of the airwaves.