Here’s the cover of my new novel – I love it and hope you will too. It will be released on 1st July – so excited.


15 thoughts on “Here’s the cover of my new novel – I love it and hope you will too. It will be released on 1st July – so excited.”

  1. Very eye catching cover Liz, makes you want to dive right in and start reading. All the best, hope it’s a huge success.

  2. Liz so thrilled your new book is ready for release on 1st July….a mammoth effort from you considering your health challenges! Your books have been excellent travel companions for me. I’m just a tiny bit disappointed with its release date because I’m heading to Copenhagen for my daughter’s wedding June 20th. I will have to wait until mid July. I love your books and I’m sure I will very much enjoy your new novel also!

  3. Have just read Gang of Four and am so excited to have found such a brilliant writer!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on Family Secrets. I am addicted!

  4. Thanks so much Julie – its so important to have something enjoyable to read on a long journey, so I’m glad my books give you pleasure. Hope you’ll enjoy Family Secrets when you get back.

  5. Hi Liz,
    Since discovering your first book I am now onto my fifth and love it!
    Your first page hooks me in every time and I am right ‘there’!
    Can’t wait for Family Secrets…

  6. Finished reading Family Secrets and as with all your books I have seen glimpses of my own personality in various characters which makes for great interaction. Thank you once again for taking me somewhere else and living the lives of others! I have now moved onto Last Chance Cafe which I am savouring as it will be the last of your books left for me to read! Not sure what I will do when finished as I suppose it is unlikely that you have already started on your next best seller? Oh well, I will try to wait patiently….

  7. Liz
    I love your books. I came across Gang Of Four not long after it’s publication and LOVED IT. I search regularly to see what else you have published. I find my self in so many of your characters it’s almost like you must follow my life BUT I also learn so much from your characters about life’s possibilities too. Thank You

  8. Bronwyn, thanks for you lovely comments. So glad you are enjoyin g the books – I learn a lot from writing them. Liz

  9. Hi Ken, Thanks for posting, and I’m delighted you enjoy the books. I have just finished a non-fiction book which will be released next year, and I have started on a novel, but only just! So that will mean early in 2016. hope you won’t forget me while you are waiting! Liz

  10. I just love every book you have written, can’t wait for the next one to be published

  11. Thank you Sheila, apologies for long silence! I do appreciate your message. There will be a book next year but a non fiction one, I’ll post something about it on the blog in the new year. Warm regars Liz.

  12. Family Secrets Best book ever, I often thought you were writing about me. I really enjoyed it , can’t wait for the next book

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