FAMILY SECRETS Released this week

So exciting to see FAMILY SECRETS on the shelves this week and Apple is featuring it in ibooks too.  Along with GANG OF FOUR which is iBooks Book of the Week.Family Secrets copy2


14 thoughts on “FAMILY SECRETS Released this week”

  1. Family Secrets is another great book Liz. Sadly I read it in 2 days so now I have a long wait for the next one………. Your books always make me examine some of my emotions and ideas. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for yet another fabulous journey Liz! As always, you have a knack for bringing the characters into vivid life, and weaving through some intrigue.

    We would still love to host you at one of our BPW Caboolture breakfasts if you & Jace could ever arrange it :).

  3. Just finished ‘Gang of Four’ and LOVED IT TO BITS!!! I adore the early books but this is gorgeous. I had to immediately download Food, Sex and Money and I can’t wait to read Family Secrets. Liz is such an evocative and relatable writer. My mission is to read every one of her books and become a ‘book pusher’ to introduce more of her amazing works to others. Keep typing Liz, we need you!

  4. I too am enjoying this book
    I love all your books and the female characters are so diverse and interesting
    Thank you for writing so well and best wishes

  5. A book pusher! Wonderful Virginia – thank you so much, keep pushing! Glad you enjoyed Gang of Four, it was the first novel, and has just been released in the new format. Thanks for posting, lovely to know I’m needed but I also need you to keep reading. Liz

  6. Thank you Liz for “Family Secrets”. I’m really enjoying the journey of “Connie”. I’m relating to her character in so many ways it’s scary. Will be reading more of your books. Regards, Judy

  7. Have just read Family Secrets and loved it! Not sure which of your books I love the most but it seems as if you are writing them just for me. The events and characters seem to leap off the page for me . I have also been a “book pusher” and introduced you to lots of my friends. Thankyou for many hours of reading pleasure.

  8. Hello Judy, thanks for your message. So glad you enjoyed Family Secrets, I must admit there are bits of myself in Connie! I think writing her was therapy for me! All the best

  9. Hi Margaret – many apologies for the long delay in responding to your comment. I have been flat out and also unwell, and lost the person who used to fix things up on the blog when they went wrong, so couldn’t work out what was wrong with the reply system when it didn’t work. Back on top now though so hope to keep up with the blog in the coming year. I am so glad you are enjoying the books and really appreciate your message. Thank you for being a book pusher for me, the best possible advertising there is. All the best, Liz

  10. Just finished reading Family Secrets. Loved it, as I have loved all of the previous ones. Trouble is I can’t put them down once I start, and then am sad when I get to the end. Can’t wait for the next one(s). It is so nice to read stories relevant to our age group and where women “of a certain age” are strong and capable and sassy, and not ready to be hidden away in some home for the aged !!

  11. Thanks Annette. I wish someone else would start writing about our age group – I’d love to see more books about us.

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