6 thoughts on “ON TURNING 70”

  1. I totally and absolutely agree with everything you say in this article Liz!
    I turned sixty this year and greeted my milestone with great enthusiasm and joy. I’m proud of my 60 years…several dear and treasured friends won’t make this milestone. …. I’m the keeper of their memories and I’m embracing my future.
    Terrific article Liz!
    ps…currently enjoying reading ‘Family Secrets’ fireside on The Mornington Peninsula.

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and positive words on aging Liz. You’re an inspiration!. I’m nudging 60 , and have to admit that at times it scares the byjesus out of me, so your wise words on the benefits of getting older, are indeed comforting.xx

  3. Mornington Peninsula would be a gorgeous place for reading in winter – hope you enjoyed the whole thing Julie, and thanks for your comments about the article.

  4. Thanks Marlish – my sixties were terrific and I wish you the same. We don;t talk enough about the good things that are part of growing old. xx

  5. Thanks Felicity, glad you enjoyed it. I absolutely loved Antidote to Murder, and Scent of Murder – looking forward to the next one.

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