Happy Christmas From the World’s Worst Blogger

When this blog was first set up for me by a lovely tech-savy acquaintance I promised to post regularly and I really meant it. I know some writers are really good at blogging and that as a writer that I ought to find it easy to find things to say. My trouble is that I try hard to think of interesting things to blog about and then think they’ll sound stupid and so I don’t do it. I suppose most of the things that I want to say go into my books, or into other work that I do at the University – all of which takes up a lot of time. Anyway I vow to try to do better in 2015, and I thought I’d begin now by updating on you on what’s happening for me as we head towards the end of the current year.

I want to apologise for the long delay in replying to some of your comments. I am hopeless at working out what’s gone wrong if the blog isn’working and for at least a couple of months, more probably, I have been struggling how to get the ‘reply’ facility working. For some reason it just refused to co-operate which meand that I couldn’t reply to your comments. I have struggled womanfully with it and finally beaten it into submission but it has taken ages and I have no idea what it was that I did that fixed it in the end. I really need a smart 16-year-old on hand to help me deal with my various technical problems!

It’s been a hugely busy year and I am looking forward to break over Christmas. Family Secrets was released in July and has done wonderfully well, many thanks to those readers who have commented here, and/or emailed me about it. I was really surprised by how many people wrote to tell me that the key secret in the book mirrors a matching secret in their own family, but it’s great to know that the stories and characters resonate , and I am so grateful to you for your loyal readership over the last ten years.

This year I finished a book I’ve been working at on and off for the last seven years. It’s a non-fiction book, part memoir and part the story of a corner of wartime history which which has haunted me since childhood. The book will be released in May next and includes my own story of going back to England to take a fresh look at the place where I spent my childhood, and to meet the people involved in this wartime story. I will post more about this in the new year.

I am working on another novel which will be released in 2016, provided I get on with it quickly over the next few months!

One of the things that many writers do with their blogs is share details of their exciting social lives. But I live a rather quiet life, going to work at the university, sitting at home writing or reading, pottering in the garden. I quite often meet friends for breakfast or dinner and spend time with my family, but I do avoid large social functions. I turned 70 this year and am loving this time of my life, but also allowing myself to slow down a bit and rest when I need to. My lovely dog, Toby, takes me for a walk twice a day. If you haven’t seen a photo of him here’s one of us together.

Toby and Me
Toby and Me

Toby was nine this year and I’ve had him for almost two years, he was a rescue dog and rather nervous and anxious when I got him. Now, however, he is totally chilled out, and also totally in charge. We have a lot of lovely conversations and he always agrees with me – obviously a dog of great good sense!
So at the end of this year I wish you all a very Happy Christmas a peaceful and rewarding New Year, in which I promise to stay in touch more often. Here’s to a year of great reading pleasure for all of us.

14 thoughts on “Happy Christmas From the World’s Worst Blogger”

  1. What a lovely message to read. Please keep writing as I have loved every book
    so far and will not part with them!
    Good wishes to you for the festive season and 2015.
    Kind regards

    Glen Lunt

    VIEW Clubs of Australia are committed to supporting The Smith Family,
    a national independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australian
    children by unlocking opportunity through education and learning.

  2. Thank you for your blog. Frankly Liz, I would read your shopping list!, you really are my author of choice when I want to mellow out. And as I mellow …I realise I am not so different than other women my age ….being mature has it’s benefits and you write about those benefits.

    I got to meet you in person this year and listen to you and that was a special day at the Leederville library. You have a way of putting our very vulnerability out there and then showing the path of courage, which is also the path of inner strength. I love that path, I love seeing you write about it.

    May your Christmas and New Year be special in every way Liz,
    And don’t let us exhaust you with our hopes of new
    Books and new blogs. Stay well, know that you are
    Loved even by strangers.

    Lee Patrick

  3. Hi Liz. That’s a lovely photo of you and Toby. I’m so glad to hear that you are taking more time for yourself. I loved Family Secrets – I tried to go to the launch but it was booked out which is wonderful for you. I passed FS on to a friend to read in holiday, she loved it so much she’s gone back to the UK to buy a copy for her sister who she feels will really respond to it and find it helpful.
    Have a lovely relaxing and fun filled Christmas. Best wishes to you and Toby.

  4. Hi Liz, have a wonderful Christmas break with Toby and your family. I recently read your new book Family Secret and loved it. I will be giving a few copies of it to friends this Christmas.

  5. Hi Liz, this is just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed “Last Chance Cafe”. At the. end I found myself feeling very touched & a bit weepy. I’ll be thinking about exactly why for some time. Thank you so much. Your book was a real treat & I’m looking forward to reading more.
    It was good to be able to read such a friendly, down to earth blog too. Have a happy Christmas. Best wishes, Viki.

  6. Hey Liz; hope your Xmas break brings you much joy and peace. Enjoying reading ” in the Company of..”, and yes- as a 63 yr old, who has only recently gone thru the Change( and loving it), I agree with things you’ve said.
    Like, how come we are supposed to just sit in a corner? I am loving doing my life at this age. Warm regards.

  7. Wow Liz it has been a while since yr last post but with all you have going on, very understandable. Love seeing photos of you and Toby. Seems like no time since I met you in Kiama. Years fly by. Please enjoy a peaceful and happy festive season with your family. Wishing you a successful and healthy 2015. God Bless you Liz. Trish.

  8. It’s one of my favourites Robyn. sorry you couldn’t get in to the launch, we didn;t really expect so many people. Maybe next time?

  9. Hi Trish, Lovely to hear from you. I’ve been terrible at blogging, haven’t I. Trying to get back into gear now for a new year. Liz x

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