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Hope you’ve all launched into a happy and peaceful new year.  I had a great Christmas and just got home after spending some time in Newcastle, NSW with my son, Mark, and daughter-in-law, Sarah.  It was a really relaxing and enjoyable break and although I took work with me I’m afraid I didn’t do any of it! The cooler weather and fresh sea breezes came as a welcome relief and I was lucky enough to avoid a week of fearsome storms in Perth. But  my lovely friends, Borrie and Mary, who stayed in the house with Toby had to endure not only the storms but but his frantic reaction to them. They are wonderful generous and tolerant people, I am so lucky.

Sarah and Mark had recently launched into a paleo diet and managed to coax me into that too.  I expected it to be punishing but it turned out to be just the sort of change and motivation I needed to try to get fit and lose weight.  Heaps of veggies, fish, some lean meat, fruit and replacing many processed foods with natural alternatives. We ate so well, and it has put a stop to my awful sugar and carb/grain cravings.  I’ve also managed to maintain it since I got back home and am feeling so much better for it.  I’m putting up some pictures of Sarah and Mark at work in the kitchen and some of our meals including a fabulous paleo shepherds pie. FullSizeRender-1FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender-2IMG_0072

I also celebrated my 71st birthday last week, which seems like an achievement. At this stage of life every year seems like a bonus and a challenge to enjoy the time that is left.  Like everyone else at this age I have many dear friends who did not make it to this age, and others who are unable to fully enjoy it due to poor health.  So my 2015 resolution is to make the most of it and to live longer by working on my health and fitness.

The day after I got home from NSW I was unpacking my case in the bedroom and went away to answer the phone.  When I went back into the room I found that Toby had taken up residence in my suitcase.  Perhaps he was measuring it up for size so that he can come with me next time.


I’ll shortly post some news about the Perth Writers Festival and what I’ll be doing there.  And news coming soon of my memoir/new non-fiction book that will be released in May.  And yes, I am working on a new novel for release next year.

‘Bye for now, Liz


6 thoughts on “SUMMER BREAK”

  1. Hello Liz

    How wonderful to hear that you are to publish a memoir soon and are working on your next novel. Yippee! I have bought all your books for my friend Anna who is the reader in our home and she just loves the way you write. Her favourite of many favourites is “Remember Me” and in fact a Swiss friend visiting us, has just been loaned the same book which will then be on a journey to another friend in West Sussex.

    We agree, eat well and exercise in order to enjoy each day. Stay well and happy.



  2. Hi Liz, I enjoyed reading your blog. I have just returned from a visit to Perth where I was visiting my sons. I stayed in Leederville, an area I hadn’t visited on previous trips and loved it. I also enjoyed seeing again my much loved Fremantle and buying honey cake at the market! It must be a difficult place to try and keep to a Paleo diet with the amazing breakfasts, coffee shops and tempting cakes. It was a real shock to the system returning to the freezing cold of Heathrow airport and I miss the sunshine and my family dreadfully. Nevertheless I always come home with one of your books which is a treat I save for the cold winter nights. Carry on the good work. Fran Walker

  3. Hi Liz, thanks for the update. Love your books, you are an inspiration & there’s no way you can be 71! With your son & daughter-in-law living here in Newcastle. Is there a chance that you could combine a visit to them with an appearance at next year’s Newcastle Writers Festival? Would be wonderful to meet you. Take care, Tracey Miller

  4. Thanks Fran, I know what you mean about going from Perth to London in winter. On my last trip to the UK at that time of the year I was so hot while I was packing I couldn;t get a grip on how cold it was going to be, and I packed a thin waterproof jacket. Had to go out and buy a coat the day I arrived!

  5. Hi Tracey, I’d love to go to the Newcastle Writers Festival but I can’t just turn up, they’d have to invite me. If I’m invited I’d definitely accept so if you know anyone there and want to suggest it that would be great. Thanks for your interest.

  6. You are welcome. I’m so glad you are keen. I am volunteering at this year’s festival for the first time. I will find out the appropriate person to speak to and pass on your interest. Take care.

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