Back from Margaret River

I was lucky to have had a couple of interesting events at the recent Margaret River Readers and Writers festival. Best of all was interviewing the wonderful Chinese writer and scholar Huiyi Bao, from Fudan University. Huiyi had the audience enthralled when she talked about her work in translating medieval legends into Chinese, and about her own poetry and essays on Irish Culture. Talking with Huiyi was amazing – she is a wonderful scholar and writer and has such a great mind.  She’s also a lovely person! I hope more book lovers and writers will have the chance to see and hear her in Australian again before too long. One of the photos below is of the two of us on stage.

I also had a thoroughly enjoyable chat with Rosemary Sayer (in the other photo) about In Love and War: Nursing Heroes – which, I am excited to announce, is going to be translated into Chinese. I even managed to sneak in a mention of the new book Woman Next Door (in shops very soon) and show off the lovely cover, as a copy had arrived just in time.