Writing the Dream

I’m delighted to be able to tell you about a terrific new book for anyone who is an aspiring writer. Writing the Dream, recently published by Serenity Press, here in Western Australia, is packed full of valuable advice, useful tips, and the inspiring personal experiences of 24 writers who have achieved their dreams of publication.

There is great advice from Deborah Burrows and Anna Jacobs on writing historical fiction. Crime writer Felicity Young writes about her efforts to get started as a wriwriting-the-dream-v4ter. Natasha Lester whose third novel, was published earlier this year and became a best seller, describes the challenge of changing from literary to popular fiction, and the cliff hanging process of finding a publisher. And Sara Foster has valuable advice on place, setting, character and much more.  These are just a few of the diverse group of authors who have contributed to making this book an absolute gem for aspiring writers.

Writing the Dream combines sound and practical advice with the encouragement of personal stories from writers who made their own writing dreams come true. If you are on a writing journey this is the book for you, or perhaps a great gift for a friend who needs some shot-in-the-arm advice and encouragement.

Many congratulations to the dynamic Monique Mulligan and Katherine McDermott of Serenity Press for creating this great resource for writers.

Writing the Dream is available directly from Serenity Press and other online bookstores e.g. Amazon, Booktopia, Book Depository and so on. It will be available in selected bookstores in 2017. For now, it’s best to order online – RRP is $26.99.