Quick news flash

I know, I know … there’s been a very long silence! Sorry about that but I’ve spent the last couple of months on two rounds of editing on my new book.  There was a lot to do and not much time to do it in, but I’ve also found that the older I get the harder it is to switch off what ever project is in my head at the time because I lose bits of it!  So yes, it’s about being too busy for my age and for my ageing brain in particular!

Anyway, I’m happy to tell you that the book is finished, and edited twice as usual and so everything is moving along to get it on to the shelves for July.  I’ll soon have the title and a picture of the cover to show you. And now I’m trying to catch up on all the things I let slip to get the editing done.

Meanwhile I’m excited about the Perth Festival’s Writers Week, which starts today and runs right through until next Sunday.  On Saturday 24th February at 2.30pm I’ll be discussing creativity in ageing with writers Alex Miller and Robert Dessaix, both of whom I admire enormously.  Geordie Williamson will be chairing the conversation which is called Late Style.  So, if you are in Perth I hope you can come along and join us at the University of WA.

And I also wanted to let you know that on Tuesday 6th March I’ll be talking with Amanda Smith on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters, about a great new book of essays called Women Of A Certain Age, published by Fremantle Press.  I was very pleased to be asked to contribute an essay to this wonderful book, which is being released on 1st March. So do tune in if you can. More news about this soon.