A Month of Sundays

Well here it is at last! The gorgeous cover of my new book, A Month of Sundays, I am so thrilled with it – I’ve never had an interior shot on a cover before and this one absolutely hits the spot.

Month of Sundays coverA Month of Sundays is about four women of a certain age: Ros, Adele, Judy and Simone, who all live in different locations in Australia. They are the remaining members of an on-line book club, and have met at a distance once a month for several years but never face to face. When Adele is invited to house-sit for a few weeks in the Blue Mountains she invites the other three to join her. It’s a chance to meet at last, in a beautiful location: to relax, read and talk about books, and each one must choose a book through which the others will get to know her better. As they head for the hills and meet for the first time each one is facing a turning point, and wondering too, whether several weeks under the same roof will make or break their tenuous book club connection.

For a long time I’ve been trying to write a non-fiction book about women and reading. I keep running out of time, and finding I’m not really sure what I want to say or how to say it. I thought that perhaps writing a novel about women and reading might help me get a better grip on it. So I hope you’ll enjoy A Month of Sundays, and that if you are in a book club, or you like sharing your books and talking about them with friends, you’ll feel it reflects that special reading connection which is so significant for so many of us.

A Month of Sundays will be available in the books shops from 26th June, and if you want you can also order it in advance from your favourite bookseller.

Closer to the release date I will be running a competition and giving away some copies of A Month of Sundays. So stay tuned!