At the End of the Day

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When Mim Squires and Mathias Vander are stranded together on a disrupted flight home to Perth, they are surprised to find that they have much in common. Mim owns a bookshop, Mathias is a writer, and both are at turning points in their lives. Mim’s childhood polio is taking a toll on her life. Mathias is contemplating a cross-continent move to be nearer his daughter.

But life back in Perth is not smooth sailing, with their respective family members going through their own upheavals. As Mim and Mathias both struggle to adjust to the challenges of being in their late seventies, secrets from the past that neither wishes to face rise to the surface, challenging their long-held beliefs in their independence and singularity.

At the end of the day, can they muster the wisdom and the courage they need to change?


The Book DateThank you to Liz Byrski for facing into her own challenges to complete another thought provoking and engaging read.

Sandy’s Book a Day blogLiz’s characters are loveable – people I could be friends with, realistic people with quirks and faults, having to make decisions that many of us will face in our lives. She writes with a gentle humour and an obvious affection for her characters.

Reading HighThis is a book for Liz Byrski’s fans who will love it and I am sure lots of new readers will be thrilled to find her.

Reading, Writing and RieslingI found this book thoroughly enjoyable and relatable, and I felt connected in a way that rarely happens through fiction. These people could have been my neighbours.

Good Reads – Sample review: One thing you can be sure of when you open a Liz Byrski novel is that you are about to meet a whole bunch of interesting and likable characters. This one is no different.

BouchtheBookworm (Instagram) – I love her writing style and the simple and profound nature of the story. An gorgeous read. 

Happyvalley Booksread (Instagram) – Very likeable and relatable characters made it enjoyable and easy to read. 

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