Facing Cancer

Studies show that almost ninety percent of people with cancer use complementary therapies in conjunction with or instead of orthodox medical treatment. What do they use and why?

People with cancer and their families are faced with a bewildering choice of therapies both inside and outside orthodox medicine. These range from the simple herbal remedies of ancient times to the latest discoveries of modern medical science. They span diet, medications, physical treatments, meditation, imagery, lifestyle changes, psychological changes and spiritual philosophies.

In this book Liz Byrski explores the world of complementary treatments and the attitudes of medical professionals to their use. It includes many personal stories of people who believe that complementary therapies have helped them to control or cure their cancer and improve their general health and wellbeing.

Facing Cancer is a starting point for people who want to gain an overview of some of the most popular complementary therapies.

Southern Cross University Press 2002

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