The Way Ahead

wayaheadWhat is the future for Australia in the twenty-first century? Author and broadcaster Liz Byrski put the question to more than twenty prominent Australians drawn from the arts, sciences, business, politics, and the media.

Their answers are published in The Way Ahead, an extraordinary book which captures the hopes and fears of thousands of Australians as we enter the new millennium.

Those taking part include Phillip Adams, Denis Altman, Sally Anne Atkinson, John Button, Rev. Peter Carnley, Fred Chaney, Eva Cox, Wendy Craik, Mark Davis, Stephanie Dowrick, Pat Dudgeon, Bob Ellis, Peter Ellyard, Jennie George, Poppy King, Ian Kiernan, Deborah Mailman, Paddy McGuinness, Hugh Mackay, Robyn Nevin, Moira Rayner, Natasha Stott Despoja, and Keith Woollard.

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