A Month of Sundays

Month of Sundays coverFor over ten years, Ros, Adele, Judy and Simone have been in an online book club, but they have never met face to face. Until now…

Determined to enjoy her imminent retirement, Adele invites her fellow bibliophiles to help her house-sit in the Blue Mountains. It’s a tantalising opportunity to spend a month walking in the fresh air, napping by the fire and, of course, reading and talking about books.

But these aren’t just any books: each member has been asked to choose a book which will teach the others more about her. And with each woman facing a crossroads in her life, it turns out there’s a lot for them to learn, not just about their fellow book-clubbers, but also about themselves.

A Month of Sundays reminds us of the joy, the comfort and the occasional challenge we can find in the pages of a book.

For more information on how this book came about, go to my blog Women, books and reading.


Newly released on 26 June, reviews for A Month of Sundays are pouring in. Here are some of the early ones.

Reading, Writing and Riesling recently posted an online review that you can read in full here.

A Month of Sundays by Aussie author Liz Byrski is an exceptional, emotional and brilliant read! I can’t fault the writing, the story, the fabulous women – and of course being about books, I’m going to look up each and every book they read for their book club get together each Sunday”

In The Good Books Blog has just posted an online review, which you can read in full here.

“If you enjoy books about strong female friendships, then A Month of Sundays is definitely for you.”

Books, Babies, Being blog and website have reviewed A Month of Sundays. You can read the full online review here.

“This was one of the most delightful, yet deep and thoughtful books that I have read in a very long time. One of those rare ones that actually make you stop and evaluate how you are feeling about your life, and leave you with warm fuzzy feelings throughout, and a bit of emptiness after finishing the last page, and realising it is over.”