Bad Behaviour

Bad behaviour coverZoe, Julia, Richard and Tom met in 1968, in a whirl of politics and protest, consciousness raising and sexual liberation, but not everyone was swept up in the spirit of the times. Zoe and Julia were looking for love, truth and their own happy endings but life is rarely that simple, and it is the misdemeanours of the past that have determined the course of their lives. Now, as the twentieth century draws to a close, the threads of the past tug at the present and blur the future.

As they reflect on the way they were they must also confront who they have become, and come to terms with a younger generation who have their own dreams and must make their own mistakes.

Writing Bad Behaviour was important for me because I’m really interested in how the spirit of various times can determine the course of individual lives way into the future. I wanted to revisit the sixties, particularly the spirit of 1968 and the impact of that turbulent period of social and political change on some very different people. I do hope you’ll enjoy the journey with these characters as they revisit their past and confront the challenge of a new millennium.

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