Food, Sex and Money

Food sex money coverIt’s almost forty years since they left the convent and went their separate ways, but now the old school friends are planning to meet again.

Bonnie, shattered by the death of her husband, is back in Australia after decades in Europe, and she’s discovering that while financial security eliminates worry, she seems not to have a life.

Fran, long divorced, is a struggling freelance food writer, battling to balance her diet, her bank balance and her relationship with her adult children.

And Sylvia, marooned in a long and sterile marriage to an ambitious Anglican minister, and facing a crisis that will crack her world wide open.

They had almost forgotten how it feels confide in women friends, but back together again, sharing their past lives, their secrets, their aspirations and their deepest fears Sylvia, Fran and Bonnie embark on a creative venture that will challenge everything they thought they knew about themselves and will change their lives for ever.

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Reviews and comments

“With at times unnerving accuracy (I wondered when she’d met me), in Food, Sex and Money Liz Byrski examines the lives of Bonnie, Fran and Sylvia , old school friends who have met up again after 40 years. Now in their late 50s, they embark on a creative venture that offers each a genuine second chance. Its success, and the friends’ ultimate happiness depends on each daring to abandon old prejudices and decades of often crippling emotional baggage.”  Your Life 

“This is a book to sit down and relax with, and it’s a pleasure to be embraced by the natural warmth of Liz Byrski’s writing. It illustrates how family and friends can be drawn closer together no matter what bad things happen to them.  With humour and pathos it explores the place of women over the age of fifty in society; their relationships with the children; their peers and their parents. Women of all ages will appreciate this novel that embraces it’s truth and beauty.” John Gintowt, Over 50’s Lifestyle

“This new novel has women’s friendships as its central theme. The intricately woven tale affirms that behind the weathering shield of every woman burns an eternally youthful spirit. The characters are vulnerable, astute, strong and sexual until death. The issues of emotional independence, career, diet, motherhood and sexuality transcend age, making this an enjoyable read for all women, and for men who seek to understand them.”  Margaret McNally, Good Reading