Gang of Four

Gang of four coverThe ‘gang of four’, Isabel, Sally, Robin and Grace, are all fifty-something, successful … and restless. They have been close friends for almost two decades, supporting each other through personal and professional crises — parents dying, children leaving home, job changes, political activism, diets and really bad haircuts.

Isabel makes the first move, taking a year away from her family to follow in her mother’s footsteps across Europe. Soon Sally is on her way to San Francisco, to come face to face with a guilty secret. Robin, in the wake of a clandestine relationship, heads for isolation in the country. And Grace? Well, Grace would never go away for an entire year, but she thinks she might take a short holiday in England. Once there, she bumps into someone she hardly knows — herself.

Gang of Four is a story of four very different journeys and a celebration of women in the prime of life.

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Reviews and comments

“A wonderfully written story about women who dare to move away from their everyday way of living.”  Herald Sun

“A mature, relevant and entertaining first novel … subversive, Gang of Four will ignite more than plum puddings.”  The Weekend Australian

“This is not a book about mid-life crisis so much as mid-life opportunity.  The characters are like people you know – and there will be people you know who could learn something from them.”  Sydney Morning Herald

“You’ll want to have these women as your friends after reading this wonderfully heart-warming story.”  Woman’s Day

“There’s no risk in investing in this book. It’s a great read and definitely leaves you with something to think about — especially if you’re 50-something.”  Sunday Times