The Woman Next Door

The Woman Next Door book coverOver the years, the residents of Emerald Street have become more than just neighbours, they have built lasting friendships over a drink and chat on their back verandahs.

Now a new chapter begins with the children having left home. Helen and Dennis have moved from their high maintenance family property to an apartment by the river with all the mod cons. For Joyce and Mac, the empty nest has Joyce craving a new challenge, while Mac fancies retirement on the south coast.

Meanwhile Polly embarks on a surprising long-distance relationship. But she worries about her friend next door. Stella’s erratic behaviour is starting to resemble something much more serious than endearing eccentricity…

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Reviews and comments

William Yeoman reviewed the book in the West Australian on 14 July 2016.  You can see some of his comments below and read the full review here.

“Byrski’s characters age with her — that’s been one of the greatest appeals of her novels. Now in her early 70s, Byrski here unflinchingly looks age and illness in the face. And what does she see there? Acceptance, yes; but also possibility, continuity and renewal. We all get old. Get over it. And grow with the flow.”

The international eReading site Kobo Books has named The Woman Next Door as its book of the month for July 2016.  This is quite rare for an Australian author.

Beauty and Lace have recently reviewed the book. You can see some of their comments below and read the full review here.

“Byrski’s characters are authentic and relatable as they share their lives with us; their hopes, their fears and their friendships. This book is entertaining and heartbreaking, it could be any one of us and I loved it. The characters, the setting and the beautiful little community these families have built on Emerald Street, and the way the circle of life completes and renews as the story closes. A must read for everyone. Thanks for a wonderful story Liz Byrski.”

The Woman Next Door has been selected as one of iBook’s Best Books of the Month for July 2016.

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