Remember Me

Memember meRemember Me is Liz Byrski’s own story — a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever been in love.

At eighteen Liz is separated from her first true love. On opposite sides of the world they plan their future and Liz dreams of the day he will return to marry her, but fate has other plans and love is lost. Thirty-seven years later, she picks up the telephone to hear a voice from the past that still has the power to stop her in her tracks.

This is an extraordinary true story of love lost, and love found. Crossing continents and decades it is testament to the power of passion and the triumph of the heart.

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Reviews and comments

“Sensuous and achingly honest, it’s a seductive read.”  The Weekend Australian

“A moving story marked out with pin-sharp memories and tightly reined prose.”  The Age

“Liz Byrski has written a startling story – passionate and heartfelt.”  Post Newspapers

“A beautiful story that needed to be written.”  The West Australian